You’ve apparently stumbled across (or, less likely, deliberately clicked on) the Website for J. Aaron Parish. I am many things — teacher, writer, husband, father. This site is largely concerned with my writing.

What do I write? That one’s simple enough: horror and fantasy. I’ve written about parasitic gnomes, man-eating darkness, fairies, and world-ruling cars.

Why do I write? Now that’s a trickier question. There is certainly something about seeing my name on a table of contents or a byline. The main reason is simply because I can. Not to be too melodramatic, but you could say that I must. It’s a drive for any sort of artistic endeavor. Birds fly. Ants ruin your picnic. Roaches and politicians scurry away from light. Writers write.

While you’re here, feel free to look around to find out more.

One response to “Welcome!

  • Dell Colson

    Mr. Parish,

    I just finished reading “Jennings Grove” and really enjoyed it. I am so happy there are finally choices like Smashwords. When Stephen King did his first E-Book about 15 years ago I was so happy that there would be another way to enjoy reading that wouldn’t cost as much. Of course Amazon and Barnes and Noble proved me wrong as they charge as much or more than I could buy a bound book for. it has always rubbed me wrong and seemed so greedy. After discovering Smashwords and some unknown authors on Amazon who self publish I am so happy. Not just because of price but because now I have a whole new slew of authors I might never have discovered otherwise. I am an avid reader and have to do it every day like eating. I have been reading for 46 years. I plan on reading more from you. Again, thanks.

    Dell Colson
    San Antonio, Texas

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