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Interview with Corey Mariani

Note: This is a part of a blog tour sponsored by Totes & Notes.
Corey Mariani was born in Bridgeville, California, the first town to be sold on eBay. In 2010, he graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. He has worked as a lumber stacker, restaurant host, pizza delivery man, U.S. Census enumerator, and FedEx package handler. He currently installs satellite dishes throughout northern California and southern Oregon. His short fiction has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine.
Q: Please tell us about you novel, Passenger Through Time.
A: It’s about a man trapped in an absurd, often surreal and disturbing future, where nothing is sacred or genuine, trying to find his way back to his home in the past.
Q: What inspired you to write it?
A: The present.
Q: Who is your favorite character and why?
A: Melissa, the main character’s sister. She’s only in the book for a few pages, but she likes bowling and getting drunk, two things I can relate to.
Q: What made you decide to write a book?
A: Writing stories is something I’ve done since I was eight or nine. I’ve been doing it so long it has become a habit. I thought if I wrote a book I might be able to make a living doing it, however implausible that sounds.
Q: Who are the writers that inspire you the most?
A: John Steinbeck, W. Somerset Maugham, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Charles Bukowski, Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester.
Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: Caffeine inspires me, so does the shower, or sitting on thevtoilet.
Time for some fun!
Q: What’s your fave color?
A: Blue or yellow
Q: If you were an animal what would you be and why?
A: I would be a Border Collie that is allowed to breed, is responsible for its own herd of sheep or cows, and has a kind owner who maybe feeds it dried pig ears. Why? Because I’d be doing the job I was born to do. I’d have purpose, love, sex, respect, appreciation; and I’d have it all without
existential angst or the knowledge of my own mortality.
Q: What is your fave food?
A: Mexican food
Q: What is the one writing tip you want to pass on to others?
A: Don’t try to figure out how much writing pays per hour.
Q: You have the floor, what is the one thing you want to pass on?
A: My genes.
Q: Links where you can be found?

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